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sad news from Day Two

this sucks but I figured yall should know...this was posted on myspace by matt so here goes guys:

Hey everyone. Tonight, I have decided to leave Day Two to persue other things in life. Why must you ask? I just genuinely do not have the heart to continue playing. Simple as that. You can look at it from every angle, but it all comes back to that I can't, and will not half-ass anything that I'm putting my whole life into. Thanks to everyone who has supported me through my year of crazyness and thanks to all of the new friends I have made. I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN. I'm not giving up in music by any means and you can bet that you will not see the last of me. Again, thanks to everyone that's supported me and thanks to the rest of Day Two, you've made my life what it is today and I'm grateful.
Also one more thing, if you are a fan, please continue to support Day Two (as if you'd stop because of me, yeah, that's right). We've always been proud of touring as much as we have and we've always been proud that we've taken this as far as it's come. So come out and support Day Two as much as you can, you are the reason why it's become what it has and support some of the best people I've ever met in my life.
Thank you, much love and God bless,
Matthew Q. Nanes
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